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We have tailor-made financing with different banking entities associated with the Clinic that facilitate access to any person to the oral health services we provide.

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Your oral health is priceless.

In order to facilitate access to all our services, the Oriol Cantó Dental Clinic offers its patients a financing as it allows the payment of the treatment to be deferred up to 60 fees. 


The Oriol Cantó Dental Clinic is associated with some of the main medical mutual societies with the aim that any patient can enjoy these advantages and can benefit from discounts when performing their dental treatment with us.

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DKV is one of the most important medical and dental insurers. It currently has more than 51,000 professionals and more than 1,000 medical centers at its disposal. In addition, DKV has 7 of the 10 best hospitals in the country.

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Agrupació Mútua

Insurance specialists for people who have the professionalism and dedication of 450 workers, 650 advisors and mediators and more than 30,000 doctors. A multi-sector coverage that has more than 300,000 insured and more than 500,000 policies contracted.

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Assistència Sanitària

It is the best valued entity since 2011 and the leading insurer in Catalonia for 50 years, highlighting good medical communication and responsibility in the commitments of policies, our network of insurers…

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