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Proximity, innovation, and personalized care

Oriol Cantó Dental Clinic is a modern and comfortable space in the center of Barcelona where the most important thing is the oral health of our patients.

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General dentistry

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Fons odontologia

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental services in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We are close to you.

Quality at the service of our patients.

Digital radiology, advanced surgery. Modern facilities and patient care and information areas. We have the most advanced technology to ensure the highest quality in all dental treatments.

A patient-oriented clinic with spaces adapted for people with mobility difficulties or who need more specialized care.


The best dental treatments for your unique needs

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General dentistry

General dentistry services: reviews, advanced diagnoses and prevention for optimal oral health.
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Orthodontics with brackets and transparent aligners

Orthodontic solutions with metal, transparent or aligning brackets for a better smile and optimized dental hygiene.
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Oral rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation for wear, absence of teeth and gum problems for better oral health.
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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is key to optimal dental health in adults. Start with good habits from childhood to avoid future problems.
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Facial aesthetics

An aesthetic smile requires a good facial aesthetic. Reduction of perioral wrinkles, increase of lips and cheeks for a harmonic aspect. Discover it with us.
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Dental aesthetic

Dental aesthetics offer confidence and health. Treatments such as ceramic facets, makeup with composites, and orthodontics guarantee a desired smile.
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Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Oral surgery addresses implants, congenital malformations, including teeth and bone regeneration to improve dental function and aesthetics.
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Titanium and ceramic implants

Titanium implants are the most common, but we offer ceramic options (zirconia) for those who prefer to avoid metals in the mouth or have allergies.
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Periodontics is key to dental health and aesthetics. Improves the state of gums to prevent heart and blood problems.
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Conscious sedation

For extensive treatments or complicated surgeries, we offer conscious sedation for a relaxed experience. With an anesthetic doctor, we guarantee comfort during your visit to the dentist.
Bàner finançament

Flexible financing options

Tailored financing to the values of the Clinic to facilitate access to oral health services for everyone.

Latest news

News focused on the Clinic and issues related to oral health and treatments.

Conferència del Dr. Oriol Cantó a la XXXV Jornadas Ibéricas de Profesores Universitarios de Prostodoncia

Conference of Dr. Oriol Cantó at the XXXV Iberian Conference of University Professors of Prosthodontics

Summary of the XXXV Iberian Conference of University Professors of Prosthodontics in Bilbao. Innovations in AI and educational adaptation, a professional challenge.
Conferència del Dr. Oriol Cantó a la Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala

Conference of Dr. Oriol Cantó at the Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala and the Colegio Estomatológico de Guatemala

Summary of the visit to Guatemala with the UCAM-PGO Rehabilitation Postgraduate. Conferences for professionals on dental prosthesis and implantology.
Conferència del Dr. Oriol Cantó a la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Conference of Dr. Oriol Cantó at the University of Buenos Aires

Week of surgery and conferences at the University of Buenos Aires with the Cidesid Modular Master. Experience in dentistry and oral rehabilitation.
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