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The KnotGroup research group is an international alliance of reference dental clinics formed by prestigious specialists in Dentistry and Stomatology, with an extensive individual professional career.


KnotGroup is formed by a solid team of professionals that make quality Dentistry more accessible to everyone.

We have advanced dental centres, which have all the current technological means at the service of our patients.

We also participate in research work, presentations at national and international congresses and in the development of the latest advances in dental medicine.

We have the support of prestigious national and international institutions that support our activity in different areas and allow us to offer top quality dental services.

From here we express our gratitude for this close relationship with all these collaborating companies and the constant support received by them, which contribute to our growth and to facilitate services of high value and impact to our organization.

At KnotGroup we have reached agreements with the different business and social sectors, in order to meet dental health needs.

We provide these institutions with a network of signature clinics with an international presence, with an important team of highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in the different areas of oral health.

Specialists in dentistry, specialized clinical staff and care teams whose main objective is to achieve the well-being of patients who visit us from different corporations.

The KnotGroup Dental Institute (KDI) works to promote dental education and innovation in the field of dentistry and invests in the development of quality dentistry courses and the incorporation of experts in each of the areas.

We care about the dental health of companies and workers.

Dr. Xavier Gimeno
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