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Facial aesthetics

An aesthetic smile requires a good facial aesthetic. Reduction of perioral wrinkles, increase of lips and cheeks for a harmonic aspect. Discover it with us.

An aesthetic smile should be accompanied by a good facial aesthetic. We can have a very nice, youthful and aesthetic smile, but if the face does not accompany… Today we have new resources to improve dental aesthetics and facial aesthetics.

Thanks to the professionals of the Dental Clinic of Dr. Oriol Cantó, who have trained in this specialty, we can rejuvenate that face that, over the years, has been acquiring some perioral wrinkles (along with the lips), has lost rigidity and volume of the lips, the cheeks have been losing that firmness of youth.

With very unaggressive therapies, with very well controlled facial injections (injections placed under the facial skin) we can recover that firmness of the skin, reduce those wrinkles close to the lips, thicken the lips…

These treatments with hyaluronic acid or botox (botulinum toxin) allow us to “recover” some years, we will not be able to recover the skin or facial aesthetics of when we were 20 years old, but it allows us to have that aspect that we would all have wanted to have maintained and that, due to different circumstances of life, has lost too much that firm and vigorous aspect. These are treatments that require periodic controls and reminders, every 6-8 months approximately (although it depends on each person).

In addition to the different types of facial injections, there are other treatments such as tension threads. These threads are deposited under the skin, especially in the area of the cheeks and neck, with a small needle, which remain permanently. These threads allow to hold the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin around it.

Each of the facial treatments must be very well diagnosed by the professional, since not all of them are used for all patients. Taking into account the type of skin of each patient, the reason for wrinkles, the location of wrinkles, the type of lip (both the upper and lower), the will of the patient… It requires one type of treatment or another, one type of injected product or another. Each treatment adapted to the needs of each patient.

Facial aesthetics

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