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Orthodontics with brackets and transparent aligners

Orthodontic solutions with metal, transparent or aligning brackets for a better smile and optimized dental hygiene.

Dental malposition cannot only be an aesthetic problem, but also a functional and oral health problem.

From an aesthetic point of view, each one will give it the importance it considers appropriate, knowing that getting a good smile is a reason enough important to do an orthodontic treatment. However, not everything is a better aesthetic.

A good dental position entails a series of functional and oral health advantages. Orthodontics is ageless. At any time of life, it is a good time to do the orthodontic treatment.

From a functional point of view, a good dental position can prevent problems of the temporo-mandibular joint (ATM). If the joint of the jaw hurts the opening and/or closing of the mouth, one of the possible reasons may be a malposition of the teeth. If the teeth do not close properly or when the usual movements the teeth have unsuitable contacts, they can lead to pain, limitation of opening… In addition, this malposition can cause wear and tear on the teeth that can also give sensitivity, fractures, mobilities of the teeth.

Another consequence of dental malposition is the difficulty of having good dental hygiene, that is, if we have bad teeth, we have worse hygiene, which increases the problems of bleeding of the gums (gingivitis and/or periodontitis) and the problems of caries. Worse hygiene, worse health.

The correction of this bad dental position is what is called Orthodontics. Orthodontics can be performed in different ways: metal brackets, transparent brackets or transparent aligners.

With new technologies we can correct this malposition using very fine plastics, to remove and put, called Transparent Aligners. They involve more comfortable orthodontics for the patient, better aesthetics, easier hygiene but also greater commitment on the part of the patient, to put them all the hours of the day, I accept to eat and at the time of hygiene.

Metal or transparent brackets can be more visible, especially metal brackets, but they do not require this commitment from the patient since they cannot be removed, but they also have a drawback: they hinder the oral hygiene of the patient.

In all cases, our team of orthodontists will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of orthodontics, the best orthodontics for you.

Orthodontics with brackets and transparent aligners

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    Frequently asked questions

    Should the children be taken to the orthodox? Is it not enough for a dentist to review it?

    The best thing is to make a first visit when the child already has a tooth. In this way, he is already familiar with the dentist and with the care of his teeth. Some dental and/or skeletal malformations can already be treated at a very early age. From the age of 8 years, when the definitive upper and lower incisors have already been developed, the visit is already very important. This control visit can help diagnose any problems that may arise and correct it at the beginning.

    What is the ideal age to start orthodontic treatment in children?

    There is no ideal age. Treatments with amovable aparatology can start from 8 years or so. Treatments with fixed devices can be used once the child has definitive teeth.

    The aim of these treatments is to move all the teeth to their correct position, so that the bite is correct.

    What advantage do transparent aligners have over traditional brackets?

    In addition to continuous oral hygiene and, sometimes improved, it is easier to carry an active lifestyle with transparent aligners than with metal or transparent bracket-fixed aparatology. The treatment of transparent aligners consists of a series of practically invisible and removable aligners that are exchanged every two weeks approximately for a new aligner game. Each of them is made specifically for your teeth and only for your teeth.

    Since the devices are removable, you can play sports, play musical instruments and, in general, facilitate all daily activities in a normal way. They must be removed at the time of eating, washing their mouth before putting them back.

    Can adults wear orthodontics?

    There is no age limit to start orthodontic treatment. All the time is good to improve your dental health and aesthetics with orthodontics.

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