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Conscious sedation

For extensive treatments or complicated surgeries, we offer conscious sedation for a relaxed experience. With an anesthetic doctor, we guarantee comfort during your visit to the dentist.

What is Conscious Sedation? We can define it as a procedure to achieve a state of relaxation while performing oral treatment. An anesthesiologist and intravenous doctor, introduces a relaxing drug (sedative) to be able to have the patient consciously but relaxed.

Once the patient has been aged, local anaesthesia must also be put in order to avoid possible treatment pain, but this anaesthesia is put once the patient is already aged. At all times, the anaesthesiologist controls heart rate, oxygen saturation… All for maximum procedural safety.

In order to carry out conscious sedation, it is advisable that the patient is fasting for a minimum of 6 hours. Before performing the Conscious Sedation, the anesthesiologist performs an assessment of the patient, the possible pathologies he suffers and the mediation he takes. From Dr. Oriol Cantó’s Dental Clinic we send all the information provided by the patient to the anesthesiologist a few days before the procedure.

Who is Conscious Sedation aimed at? Conscious sedation can be performed to anyone who wants to, who wants to do that complex and long surgery but wants to be in a state of relaxation and that does not involve a significant effort due to time. But especially suitable for all those who are afraid to go to the dentist, who are panicked and that is why they have been abandoned and require long treatments.

At Dr. Oriol Cantó’s Dental Clinic we have found, after years of experience, that with Conscious Sedation many of this patient end up losing fear and that, later, the simplest, most conservative and maintenance treatments can be done without the need for Conscious Sedation.

Another very suitable profile for the use of Conscious Sedation is the patient with some type of diversity/intellectual disability: cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism… With these patients, Conscious Sedation is the solution. It allows us to carry out the oral treatment with maximum comfort for the patient.

In all cases, the recovery is very fast, being able to return home after a short time, although it is advisable not to take public transport, drive or do delicate jobs in the following 6-12 hours. You always have to go home accompanied by an adult.

Conscious sedation

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