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Dental aesthetic

Dental aesthetics offer confidence and health. Treatments such as ceramic facets, makeup with composites, and orthodontics guarantee a desired smile.

Dental aesthetics give us health and personal safety. But what is Dental Aesthetics? There is not just one single answer to this question. Aesthetics is a very personal thing. Each person, each patient can understand aesthetics differently.

Certainly there are some canons of dental aesthetics established, written, but it is not always the aesthetic that everyone shares, that everyone wants. Size of the teeth, shape of the teeth, color of the teeth, show more or less gum to the smile… We can adapt to the needs or wills of each patient (always within medical and ethical limits).

When we talk about Dental Aesthetics we focus on the upper-previous teeth, the most visible teeth and the gum that the person shows on the smile. What does dental aesthetics contribute? The most important thing: self-confidence, better self-esteem, and that means feeling safer in ourselves, things imported into current life and society.

Different types of treatments give us that smile that we have always wanted. Some affect the teeth themselves: ceramic laminates/facets, composite makeup, orthodontics, teeth whitening. Others affect gums: contouring or harmonization of gums (gingivoplasties and/or gingivectomies).

In each case, an exhaustive study (mouth records, photographs, radiographic studies…) provides us with the appropriate and necessary information to be able to decide the best treatment for each patient, according to the best medical techniques, the needs of each patient and the will of each person.

What is the difference between a ceramic facet or laminate and a composite makeup? They are treatments that seek the same: better-toothed teeth, better shape and color.

In the case of ceramic veneers, the teeth must be prepared and measures taken, with which the dental laboratory (prosthetic) will make thin sheets of feldspathic or disilicate ceramics (the most used ones) which will be attached to the teeth on a second visit. An important advantage is that they maintain an inalterable color over time.

On the other hand, composite makeup (composite residues) is done in a single visit and directly on the patient’s teeth. They usually require less wear of teeth than ceramic veneers, but on the other hand, they require greater maintenance, maintenance that depends on each case, on each patient, and that we do at the time of dental check-up. Both options are fantastic, being one or the other more suitable depending on the patient. We took care to explain this in detail during the assessment visit.

But there is also the aesthetics of the gum, where, with some small surgeries, we achieve a harmony of the shape of the gum that also provides us with that aesthetic of the desired front front.

Ask us for the best option, for your best option.

Dental aesthetic

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