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Recommendations, prevention and care

At the Oriol Cantó dental clinic we help people to prevent possible dental problems. A periodic professional review of preventive hygiene significantly reduces future complications. That is why we attach great importance to prevention practices that avoid the most common dental problems.

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Oral hygiene is essential for the prevention of mouth, gum and teeth diseases. In short, to maintain the integral well-being of people.

The mouth, one of the most important parts of the face and the body in general, influences the perception we have of ourselves and what the rest of us have of us.

That is why maintaining a daily routine of good oral hygiene will help you to prevent the appearance of tooth decay, loss of teeth, damage to gums and other problems. In addition, it will help you maintain a pleasant smile.

Some of the main care we need to follow to maintain good oral health are:

  • Brush your teeth with fluorine toothpaste, at least twice a day.
  • Dedicate at least three minutes each time you brush your teeth.
  • Use a brush of soft tips and change it every three months.
  • After brushing, clean the brush with running water, to eliminate dental paste and other impurities that may remain.
  • Let it dry in the open air and store it in a vertical position and the tips up.
  • Do not allow one brush to be in contact with another, if some are kept together.
  • Do not keep them covered or in closed containers, since under these conditions, with a humid environment, they are more prone to the growth of bacteria.
  • Visit the dentist two strikes each year.


The best way to avoid dental diseases is prevention. Preventive Dentistry is, at the Oriol Cantó Dental Clinic, one of the most important lines of work.

We advise our patients in order to transmit oral hygiene values and habits to them that maintain the health of their mouth.

Our team acts under the firm conviction that a timely diagnosis allows us to address oral health problems more effectively. Acting in time reduces impact, intervention times, discomfort and allows a resolution with better guarantees.

Dental education, prevention and early diagnosis make it possible to avoid future cases of periodontal disease, oral cancer or other pathologies.

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Care: your dental health in good hands

At the Oriol Cantó Dental Clinic we educate how to take care of the mouth to all our patients and, in particular, the little ones.

A healthy and aesthetic mouth reinforces our personality, gives us more security in our relationships and avoids other complications of general health.

Our clinical work team actively works with patients to improve the results of their care.

The actions we carry out are a combination of educational, organizational and technical activities that achieve best practices and lead to improving the state of dental health of patients. In addition, they help them to improve personal prevention techniques.

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