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Bruxism and sleep apnea

Bruxism and sleep apnea can cause dental damage and affect quality of life. At Dr. Oriol Cantó’s Dental Clinic, we offer personalised treatments to reduce the effects of these conditions, including unloading mouth guards and Mandibular Advancement Devices (DAM). We have qualified professionals to provide you with the best solution.



Bruxism is a pathology that consists of pressing (centric buxism) and/or brushing the teeth between them (eccentric buxism). It is a multifactorial pathology basically due to the stress of the person and/or dental malposition. Not all people who suffer from stress and/or have dental malposition are or will be bruxists, but they are very important factors to be valued. The most common consequences of bruxism can be: tooth wear, joint pain, joint noises, gum recessions, tooth loss, adfractions (tooth neck injury), sensitivity to cold and/or heat, fractures, loss of aesthetics…

Possible treatments are those that can eliminate or reduce the causes, such as a reduction of stress (not always possible) and/or an improvement of tooth malposition (orthodontics). Once it has already caused one of the aforementioned lesions, an oral rehabilitation must be carried out to recover that dental condition of health and aesthetics that has been lost.

The mouthpiece or unloading plate is the basically nocturnal device that allows us to reduce bruxism, but without recovering those dental, periodontal and/or articular injuries caused.

Sleep apneas, snoring…

Sleep apneas (short breathing stops during sleep times) or snoring (noise while sleeping), may also have a dental or facial component and a prosthetic solution.

In many cases, patients who suffer from any of these diseases have a large neck, with a large diameter, with some obesity… This involves a reduction in the airway, a reduction in the air flow to the lungs and, therefore, a difficulty in breathing. After an exhaustive study of the possible causes, in many cases the elaboration of a device called Mandibular Advancement Device (DAM) can help improve breathing and, therefore, reduce snoring and/or sleep apneas. They are devices that are made in dental laboratories after taking measurements and oral records made at the Dental Clinic.

In both cases, professionals at Dr. Oriol Cantó’s Dental Clinic are trained to provide the best solution for each patient.

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