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General dentistry

General dentistry services: reviews, advanced diagnoses and prevention for optimal oral health.

A dental check-up every 6 months, ideally, or every year, involves a meticulous study of the oral state, both of the teeth, as well as of the gums, mucous (cheeks, tongue, palate) and the possible problems of the temporo-mandibular joint (ATM).

In order to carry out the oral-dental check-up, dental health professionals (odontologists) must be prepared, trained, to know what is seen, what each image means, wear, change of color, mucosal injury, mobility of the teeth…

Per això, a la Clínica Dental del Dr. Oriol Cantó compta amb un grup de professionals que saben el què fan, ja que estan formats per a donar aquest diagnòstic personalitzat. Cada persona, un tractament personalitzat. Per a dur a terme aquest revisió rutinària, es poden fer servir radiografies intraorals (radiografies periapicals) i/o una radiografia general (ortopantomografia o radiografia panoràmica).

For this reason, at the Dental Clinic of Dr. Oriol Cantó, he has a group of professionals who know what they do, since they are trained to give this personalized diagnosis. Each person, a personalized treatment. To carry out this routine review, intraoral x-rays (periapical x-rays) and/or general x-rays (orthopantomography or panoramic x-rays) can be used.

During this review, we can remember and reaffirm those treatments that have not been carried out in previous revisions (pending caries, gum treatment, replacement of absent teeth, correct those dental malpositions, the dental aesthetics that we always seek and do not decide to do…), or new treatments that it is necessary to do due to new pathologies that appear in the time between review and review. In some of these cases, 3-dimensional X-rays (cbct) may be necessary, as they provide more and better information for diagnosis and thus be able to plan the best treatment for your oral health.

With all these periodic, biannual or annual reviews, it is sought to maintain and improve your oral health. Therefore, at least, oral hygiene will be necessary. Good dental health involves a prevention of dental pathologies and, as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions, seek the prevention of other general pathologies associated with oral pathologies. Respiratory, cardiac… They may appear as a result of poor oral health. An injury in the mouth can be a sign of a neoplastic injury (cancer), which taken in time can prevent serious problems for the patient.

For all this, from the Dental Clinic of Dr. Oriol Cantó, we recommend and encourage a oral review made every 6 months or, at least annually, by well prepared and trained personnel, thinking about their health.

General dentistry

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