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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is key to optimal dental health in adults. Start with good habits from childhood to avoid future problems.

The oral health of our children, of our children, is the first step towards the dental health of adults. It all starts in childhood.

Milk teeth, the teeth that children have until approximately 12-13 years old, can have the same problems as adults’ teeth: caries, gum problems (gingivitis and/or periodontitis), dental malpositions, sensitivities, wear and tears… Not because they are temporary teeth, tooths that will fall and change over a few years, it means that they do not have to be cared for and treated.

A large tooth decay drifts into a nerve problem, so it requires treatment (endodontics). A serious dental and/or skeletal malposition leads to a greater problem in young people and adults. Poor hygiene leads to a problem that will worsen with adulthood…

Dental education during childhood leads to better oral health in juvenile and adult age. A daily hygiene of our children, improves their oral health when they are adults.

To achieve all this, it is essential to carry out a review every 6 months, or at most one every year. We have to think that at this age the oral changes are very important and fast. To teach them to clean their teeth and gums well every day, to correctly use the toothbrush, to have a good diet to avoid tooth decay, to understand that going to the dentist is not a problem, but a solution… They represent better health and economic savings for parents. Not to make visits when they touch, it means higher economic expenditure in the future.

In some specific cases and due to significant dental and/or skeletal malpositions, interceptive orthodontic treatments are necessary. Cases where, with special aparatology, we help, in children, to reduce more serious problems in young people and adults.

Our children have small teeth and in smaller numbers, but they are tooths, the same as those of adults. At the Dental Clinic of Dr. Oriol Cantó, we help parents to ensure that their children have good oral health at all ages, from babies, childhood and to adulthood.

Paediatric dentistry

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